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10 Ways To Make Money Online In India

Make Money Online In India

When in need of extra income, why not try to earn money online? There are so many sites with content on how to make money online, some sounds too good to be true but all it takes is to do it right to earn money, keep clients and also support others.

Below are the highly ranked 10 ways to make money online in India:

1. Teaching And Training

The first way to make money online is teaching and training, people have done it over several years, and with hard work, it earns a good pay. Since many entrepreneurs and companies have started online schools, they need individuals to teach online classes, all one is supposed to do is find a field which he/she is conversant with and enroll to do tutorials online.

2. Earn Money From Survey

In this section one makes money by filling small surveys which take 5-30 minutes, depending on the requirements of a particular company.

In surveys, all that is needed is to pick choices from the given questions, and nothing requires to be written.

It is possible to earn $1 to $20 counting on how long the survey is, the country an individual is living and also the profile.

3. Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

If one is hardworking and also serious in making a significant income online, then affiliate marketing is a perfect choice.

Following the high growth rate of people shopping online, there is a broad range of affiliate marketing as most online businesses such as Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc. need people who can market their products. Why not sign up and earn 4% to 20% commission for assisting customers to purchase the right products?

4. Become A Freelancer

Freelancing is a very extraordinary way of making money online. When one becomes a freelancer, they get paid for providing short-term services to either big or small company.

Freelancers can earn $500 to $2000 plus monthly depending on the used skills. Work as a web designer, a writer, graphic designer, do data entry or even provide SEO services and earn big.

For writers one can enroll to sites such as Elance, WriterBay, I writer, FreelanceWriting, TextBroker among others to find the content writing jobs which will make real earnings.

5. Offering Services

Offering services have to be the quickest and easiest way to make money online as one does not require any investment to start.

One can offer editing services to different show developers so as to enhance the value of production

There a variety of ways to deliver services to people just by realizing one’s abilities and talent, giving others solutions to their problems will be as easy as ABC.

6. Building A Site And Selling Ads

Individuals like Derek Halpern have made it big in building sites and selling ads.

Years ago this legend started a celebrity gossip site which gets millions of visitors monthly, and he has managed to sell adverts on his site.

Anyone can create a site and start sharing either inspirational and even personal development information.

7. Creating And Selling Products

Any expertise one has can be put in a DVD, book, software audio program and so on. Get the content out there and sell the products with webinars.

8. Selling Sponsorships For Branded Content

John Lee Dumas makes more than $50K in a month just by selling sponsorships through his podcast. This type of work can be done with the use of podcast, creating a video show or even a website.

An individual can develop a branded content based on their passion and get sponsors who will be interested in their audience.

9. Events

A way that can be very profitable is creating and promoting events online. It just starts with a simple blog, and within a short duration, this can make it huge in the online business.

10. SEO

SEO is among the most popular way of making money online.

Several companies spend a lot of money monthly on SEO so that their sites can get the highest Google rankings.

To succeed in this online business one need to equip him/herself with the practical SEO tips by taking training from the renowned SEO training institutes.


The above list of making money online is unique as all the ways have been implemented and produced excellent results.

To make it in the online business one needs: hard work, patience, time and persistence, with these virtues anyone can become successful.

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