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Inboxr Review & Bonus

Note: This is a Inboxr Review, Click here if you want to visit the official Inboxr website.

A computer program that serves to allow us to be able to carry on a conversation by way of textual or auditory methods is called a Chatbot. Such a program is able to automatically reply to messages of the people who sent you a message or messages. Chatbots are able to be placed in popular chat platforms or applications including Telegram,Facebook Messenger and even in websites and because of their function they are advantageous in a number of ways. The chatbots advantages include available 24/7, able to handle simultaneous conversations, helps you save money, and provide 100% satisfaction to customers.

If you have ever tried to employ the use of most of the Chatbot solutions available then you may have realized that apart from their advantages, they are often too expensive. Moreover, a good number of the Chatbot solutions are usually very difficult to use. If you have encountered such problems then there is a high chance that you are looking for an alternative. One such alternative or solution available is the Inboxr. Consequently, here is an honest Inboxr review.

Inboxr software

The Inboxr is created by Luke Maguire. It is considered the first and only chat bot for multiple social platforms. The program is able to respond to customer/client/follower support questions, increase your subscribers, and make sales. Once you are available personally, you are to carry on with the conversation that was being responded to by the Chatbot. It is created by Luke Maguire.

Who Is Luke Maguire?

Inboxr is a creation of Luke Maguire and it is important that I stress that this is not his only first successful venture. As a developer and entrepreneur, Luke Maguire has also managed to launch other successful and popular programs including Live Leap, Instant Easy and OctoSuite.

Although you may not know the aforementioned programs, if you happen to be an expert marketer then there is a high chance that you know Luke Maguire.

If you are looking for the most successful social marketers, it becomes very hard to overlook the contribution of Luke in that sphere.


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Features of the Inboxr

  • Able to message all of your Facebook fans instantaneously. Reaching your Facebook fans, all of them is impossible with just a single message. For you to send all of the fans a message, you have to send the message one at a time to each follower. With Inboxr though, it makes it possible to mass message all of your Facebook fans, new and old, with just a click.
  • Instantly increase the conversion of users. Inboxr use makes it possible for you and clients to review past purchases, giving recommended products/ services and allow you to lead the users by design to sales pages.
  • Build instantly your email list. Using the program, it is possible to acquire visitors Facebook emails without the users having to type their emails. Inboxr is able to do that by simply asking your fans to send a discount/ coupon. When the fan agrees “yes” then the program grabs the email of the user/fan and adds it to the auto responder. The follow-up process is initiated.
  • Drip feeding content to your audience. The importance of drip feeding content can be compared to the importance of email marketing. With this content delivery method, drip feeding content, you are able to build trust among users or fans. Apart from being able to build user trust, ultimately, also sales are able to be increased.
  • 1-click proven templates for your particular business niche. It is okay to be worried that there is always a chance that the digital marketing words you employ may not have the intended impact. It is also okay if you are not sure about the kind of potential customers that you need their attention. If you are faced with any of the two situations, then Inboxr will come to your rescue. Inboxr comes with a large database of niche-based proven templates for your use as you do not have to create content yourself. Only make the required changes to the templates.
  • Past leads follow-up. It is often said that a returning customer is better than a new customer for a good reason. With the Inboxr, it is possible to keep track of previous subscribers or users.The chatbot can differentiate the customers who you have been able to message in recent times and those you have not contacted for some time. The program also keeps track of the customers who have recently messaged you.
  • It is possible to integrate the program with other numerous apps through the use of the Zapper program.

Advantages of Inboxr

  • Saves working money and
  • No requirement for
    downloading and installing
  • No prior experience or
    pro skills required to use. There are detailed tutorials to help
  • Solves quite a number
    of limitations associated with most of the current chatbots

Disadvantages of Inboxr

Finding solid Inboxr disadvantages is a hard task. One of the possible disadvantages of the program though is that sometimes the network can get busy. Having a bad online connection may be worsened by your second-rate internet connection.

In conclusion, unlike other chatbots that have vanished, all indications point to the fact that Inboxr is here to stay. Hopefully, this Inboxr review has furnished you with the necessary information you need to choose this program over other solutions that exist.

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