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What Is Email Marketing?

What is Email Marketing?

Are you the chief marketer of your business and you are having a hard time understanding what email marketing is all about? Or maybe you are a new business in town, and you are wondering whether this email marketing could boost your business sells? Well, if you are then you are reading the right paper. This is because we are going to explain to you about what exactly email marketing is all about. We will also go further and tell you about the various types of email marketing that could come in very handy for your business. We will then finalize by giving you the benefits that make email marketing efficient and the reason you should consider using this particular marketing method.

So What Is Email Marketing?

As the name itself suggests, email marketing involves the marketing of goods, services or business through the use of email messages. All the emails that are sent either to the current customers or potential customers are usually considered to be an email marketing strategy. These emails can be in different formats depending on how the particular business is intending to promote its products or services. For some emails, it could just be pure text talking about services and products being offered while in other cases some marketers may include other media texts like photos, audios, and short videos in an attempt to lure the customers.

The frequency in which these emails could send depends on the intentions of the business. Some companies could send these emails maybe once in a week or once in a month. Others might not even send these emails until when there is a new product or service that they have to inform their customers about. Businesses are usually advised to watch carefully on the frequency at which they send these emails. This is simply because if you send the emails very frequently, then you will end up spamming your customers email inbox. As a result, the customers might not respond well, and they could end up blocking your emails which will affect your entire marketing strategy.

What Are The Types Of Email Marketing?

There are quite a big number of the types of email marketing that are currently available. However, only two types of these are the most common and also the most useful. These types are as explained below

1. Direct Email

These emails where you market your services or products directly to a particular group of people who you are targeting. In these emails, you could talk about a particular special offer that you are offering or something new that your consumers might not be aware of. As a business, you can rent a list of some email addresses from service providers or companies. This list will be made up your specific target group that you are aiming. Direct Email is very useful since it gives you the capability of marketing your products straight forward to the specific group of people that you want.

2. Retention Email

Retention emails are the equivalent of newsletters that you send to your customers. These particular emails are more about building a good relationship and loyalty with the customers not so much about telling your clients to purchase something. These emails are crucial since they will make your customers feel recognized and valued and hence you will be able to enjoy a productive relationship with them.

The other common types of marketing emails include the following:

  • Survey and Invitation Emails
  • Catalog Emails
  • Lead-Nurturing
  • Sponsorship Emails
  • Transactional Emails

What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing?

The benefits associated with the use email marketing are vast. Some of the significant benefits that should give you a reason enough to start using this marketing strategy are the following:

1. Emails have an extensive reach

All potential customers for your business have email addresses. In fact, it is quite true that in the current world it is a bit difficult to survive without an email. This is evident in that even signing for social media sites, having an email address is a requirement. Therefore, imagine being able to promote your services to all these people! You can be guaranteed that your sales are going to rise.

2. Emails will deliver your message

With emails, you can be sure that your messages will be delivered to the customers. Cases of letters not reaching the final recipient are not present here. Thanks to smartphones, the emails will also be delivered in time due to the email notifications. It will, therefore, help your customers get the emails in time and be able to enjoy your offers when they are still available.

3. Emails have a high ROI

The return on investment from email marketing is very impressive. This is simply because with email marketing you save on a lot of expenses like e.g. printing handouts. The emails can then reach a bigger market share who will come to get the products and as a result, you enjoy more sales after spending little on marketing.


From the above information you now understand what email marketing is all about and its benefits. Embrace this strategy right away in your business and you can be guaranteed that it will transform your sales significantly for the better.

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