Cole Danielson: Profit Singularity Breakthrough Student

Cole Danielson Profit Singularity Breakthrough

Meet Cole Danielson: From Dreams to Reality

If you’ve ever doubted the power of determination and resilience, Cole Danielson’s journey will inspire you like no other. Hailing from Palm Springs, CA, Cole’s life took a dramatic turn that led him to where he stands today.

Growing up, Cole’s passion revolved around sports, and he chased his dreams by heading to the Midwest to play college baseball at an elite level. His goal? To make it to the professional leagues. However, fate had other plans in store for him. A devastating injury abruptly halted his aspirations of a career in professional sports. At just 21, Cole was left feeling lost and uncertain about his future.


He embarked on a challenging path, taking up various odd jobs to make ends meet. Among them, the most grueling was his stint as an internet service salesman outside a local Walmart. This commission-only job put him through highs and lows, with some weeks barely covering his basic expenses. Selling internet services in the freezing cold winters felt akin to being a door-to-door salesman. The breaking point came when he pocketed a mere $45 for an entire week’s worth of effort. That moment marked a turning point for Cole.

Determined to create a better future for himself, Cole ventured into the digital realm. He began by Googling “How To Make Money Online,” setting off on a quest that led him through countless videos and courses. While he tried a few, none seemed to propel him forward.

Then, he stumbled upon a game-changer, Profit Singularity Breakthrough model that felt entirely different from anything he’d encountered before. The only obstacle in his path was limited finances, with just $2,000 for advertising spend. However, Cole’s resolve was unbreakable, and he knew he’d figure things out as he went along.

Fast forward eight months, and Cole is living his dream life in the picturesque Newport Beach, CA—one of the most coveted beach towns in the U.S. It had been a goal he thought he’d achieve by the age of 40, but here he is, at 26, making his dreams a reality. His story is a testament to the unwavering spirit of determination and the willingness to embrace change.

Cole Danielson’s journey reminds us that even when life throws curveballs, the power to rewrite our stories lies within us. He serves as an inspiration to us all, proving that with dedication and the right opportunities, dreams can become a beautiful reality.

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Breaking Barriers: From Zero to $2 Million in 1 Month

Cole, the embodiment of ambition and resilience! In just under a year, he’s turned his dreams into reality, proving that one winning video ad can be the game-changer we all seek.

Imagine this: with just ONE AD, ONE VIDEO, and ONE OFFER, he’s notched up over $2 million in commissions in a single month, pocketing $1.5 million in profit! It all began with a mere $2,000 investment, and today, his journey stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and smart reinvestment.

His groundbreaking video has now amassed a staggering 28 million views and continues to grow. But here’s the real magic: while most of us toil through the month, he spends just one week’s ad budget on repeat to generate four weeks of PROFITS!

Getting there wasn’t a solo flight; it’s a story of partnership with American Express. After only a few months of running ads, they welcomed him into their exclusive club with an AMEX credit card.

Within a month, they realized his potential, lifting his initial $5,000 credit limit to NO LIMIT! AMEX transformed into his personal bank, helping him scale his business at warp speed.

When the folks at AMEX saw those frequent Google charges, they knew it was all about ad spend. They not only accommodated his needs but actively supported him in boosting his credit limit, aligning it with his daily commissions.

So, if you’re chasing your dreams, Cole highly recommends considering a business credit card to supercharge your scaling journey.

Remember, it’s not about how much you start with; it’s about the vision, determination, and the power of ONE winning video ad.

Stay inspired, stay ambitious, and who knows? You could be the next success story in the making!

Cole Danielson Results
Cole Danielson

Profit Singularity Breakthrough: The Secret to Success

“Do what is taught in the course and NOTHING else!” These words were his guiding light, and he embraced them wholeheartedly.

With unwavering determination, he stepped into this journey with one belief: “This is going to work.” And then, he went ALL IN.

His approach was brilliantly simple: follow the instructions In the Course. No shortcuts, no improvisations. And guess what? He made sales on his very FIRST day running an ad.

But here’s the real kicker – he hasn’t lost money since that very first campaign. Sure, there have been times when he merely broke even or saw modest profits on new campaigns. But he knows something most don’t: once you discover a winning campaign, scaling becomes a breeze!

Resisting the temptation to tinker with your campaigns is the ultimate challenge, especially for someone as hardworking as him. Patience isn’t his strong suit, but he learned that letting machine learning work its magic is worth every ounce of self-control.

Having invested over $4.5 million in just the last 8 months, he can confidently declare that this is the ABSOLUTE BEST way to run your campaigns. The numbers don’t lie, and neither does his success.

If you desire this level of success as badly as he did, don’t let ANYTHING stand in your way. The journey may have its learning curves, and not every step will be smooth at the start. But here’s his promise: if you place your trust in this method and keep moving forward, results WILL come your way.

Imagine this: learning from FOUR SUPER AFFILIATES and following their training EXACTLY. With that kind of guidance, how can you NOT succeed if you persevere?

So, remember these golden words: “Do what is taught in the course and NOTHING else!” Your path to success begins with unwavering commitment and a willingness to follow the proven formula.

Keep pushing forward, and your success story is just a matter of time!

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