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CourseFunnels Review With Epic Bonus

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CourseFunnels Review

This year, the Coronavirus pandemic has locked doors of many businesses, markets, factories, offices, schools, and universities and people are forced to stay inside their homes.

But in this lockdown period, the world is witnessing a positive trend as e-learning platforms have opened up hundreds of windows for learning.

Do you know that there is a massive upsurge in the traffic of online learning platforms as more and more people (of all age groups) want to engage in meaningful learning?  

As recent data finds, the global e-learning market is going to reach $325 billion by 2025, and this is evident through the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.5% that shows an increasing demand and interest in online content and digitalization.

People have learned that they can make money off what they already know and selling courses & tutorials online are the best and lucrative profit source now. 

Because every day, millions of people are digging the internet looking for solutions to their problems or learning new skills. And they are ready to pay for the courses that can help them achieve their goals without any roadblocks.

That’s why in today’s review, I will be giving a detailed breakdown to this wonderful product: CourseFunnels! This is a new eLearning platform that allows anyone (even complete newbies) to start selling courses online in a matter of minutes.

Interested yet, let’s get into it right now?

Overview: CourseFunnels Review

Creator:Cyril Jeet
Official Website:CLICK HERE
Recommended?Yes, without Hesitation!

What is CourseFunnels?

CourseFunnels Reviews

CourseFunnels is a breakthrough online platform that enables anyone to create and sell courses online easily. It brings students a high-class experience in learning while giving creators a powerful sales platform.

CourseFunnels is the first course builder that has an in-built marketing system. We know you are not putting up these courses to keep them at home. You want to sell them, and CourseFunnels helps you do that better.

It lets you create amazing courses with videos, PDFs, quizzes, assignments. Has advanced features like Drip-feeding, Course Bundles along with a rich student experience, and it lets you make fantastic landing pages and funnels to sell them.

The Creators of CourseFunnels

CourseFunnels is an all new Course-building platform from Teknikforce. The trusted company that has been making highly-rated and reliable Internet marketing tools for people like you for over 10 years now.

They have released  widely popular software products. Some of their remarkable products that you may have heard of are: Addresponse, Tweet Push, Tuberank Jeet, Traffic Jeet,  Leads2List, Ads2List, Webinarloop, CloudFunnels, PursueApp, List Janitor, Play Traffic, ViralReach and many more. 

Apart from wildly popular software products, They have  built dozens of high-quality courses and they  have over 17,000 students on Udemy alone.

In CourseFunnels they have brought absolutely the best way to create and market your courses online.

CourseFunnels Demo

CourseFunnels Features

Let me walk you through a huge array of benefits you can get your hands to and make the most of it for your success in the easiest way possible:

Tried & Tested Platform Used By Over 5,000 Customers

CourseFunnels is built on the same platform as CloudFunnels. Used by over 5,000 users and improved day after day. This is the most robust and powerful builder platform available to you.

You will be setting up your courses and your landing pages in no time at all with the power of CourseFunnels.

Dozens Of Readymade Templates For Everything

CourseFunnels comes with dozens of readymade templates and designs. You can just pick up a page and modify it to your liking inside the powerful page builder in minutes.

❒ 100% modifiable Course themes. So each course you make can have its unique look and feel with your branding.

❒ Landing and sales page templates that you can modify and sell your courses effectively.

❒ Optin & Squeeze pages templates to help you grab more leads. You can deliver any bonus or even courses to the people who opt in.

Amazing Experience For Your Students

We have built CourseFunnels using a tremendous amount of learning creating and selling our own courses. Your students get the perfect experience.

❒ Powerful login and access system. You can decide what sections your students have access to, and even unlock lessons on extra payment (extra earnings).

❒ Students can resume course playback exactly where they left.

❒ Rich learning experience with assignments, quizzes, interaction and multiple document types supported.

Build Your Course Sales Pages & Entire Funnels All Within CourseFunnels

Build amazing landing and sales pages for your courses and create entire funnels with upsells and downsells. Your courses can lock and unlock chapters and features according to the products your students buy. 

Imagine selling chapters and sections as upsells and unlocking extra value.

Grab Optin Leads & Deliver Your Courses Instantly

Want more leads? Create course giveaways with your own courses or PLR content and deliver them instantly when students sign up.

CourseFunnels delivers your courses to your leads automatically when they sign up.

Get Paid Using Any Payment System You Want

CourseFunnels integrates all major payment systems. Sell using major credit card processors, Paypal, Payoneer, Stripe, or use payment carts and affiliate marketing systems like JvZoo, WarriorPlus, Paykickstart.

Setup Marketing Sequences With The In-Built autoresponder

CourseFunnels has a high-powered autoresponder built right in. You can set up mail sequences or even send mail-outs to your students promoting other products.

Detailed Sales Reports & Analytics

Get detailed sales reports and analytics that give you a complete overview of your sales and buyers. Keep an eye on what’s converting and your customer profile.

Membership Designer Gives You Full Control Over What Your Students See

CourseFunnels lets you modify any part of the course membership. You can create mini landing pages with full control. Promote products, create lessons, webinar invitations or anything else you want.

Comments Management System

Get comments and feedback on your lessons with full control over what’s published. You can publicly engage your students and give them resolutions of common questions easily.

Course Reviews

Get public course reviews that you can show off and get more customers by showing them the good things your students say. You get to decide which reviews to keep.

Drip-Feed Content

Want to drip feed content to your students? With CourseFunnels it’s easy. You can drip-feed your lessons easily with the gap in lessons that you want.

Supports Paid & Free Courses With Course Previews

You can create both paid or free courses and even set up Course Previews that your visitors can see before they sign up. 

Get more leads and sign-ups by incentivizing your audience to give you their email address to get the free preview.

Self-Hosted To Give You 100% Control & Security

CourseFunnels can be hosted on any low cost hosting just like WordPress. Unlike many other platforms that force you to host with them, CourseFunnels puts your business in your control.

❒ No sudden costs or escalation in prices. You never pay more than what you signed up for.

❒ Your data is secure. No one else has access to your customers or sales data.

❒ Faster performance because your server resources are dedicated only to you. No sharing of resources with a 1,000 other marketers.

❒ Your IP connected to your domain gets you better rankings for your content

Protection From Hackers & Marketing Sharks

CourseFunnels is hosted on your own domain and hosting, not on a subdomain of another company’s server.

❒ Your competition cannot do a subdomain lookup and find your setup.

❒ Competition cannot just search for “site:{provider}.com” and discover you.

❒ Your content and data won’t go down because someone hacked your course site provider.

100% GDPR Compliant

CourseFunnels is the only GDRP compliant course builder. Your data is fully accessible and you can process GDPR requests easily with CourseFunnels.

Supports All Pixels & Javascript Plugins

CourseFunnels integrates with your conversion pixels, Facebook pixels, Google pixels, and any Javascript plugin that you want. Plugins like Chat, Messenger, Whatsapp, etc. They all work with CourseFunnels.

Supports Zapier

Set up triggers and take data to any CRM you want. With Zapier support you get a universal access to other tools so that you can scale any way you want.

CourseFunnels gives you everything you need to create and market your courses all in one place. No need to buy multiple tools to set up a successful online courses business.

Don’t wait any longer. The offer does not get any better than this. Get your CourseFunnels right now.

You’re protected with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like the amazing difference that CourseFunnels makes to your monthly profit, just tell us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund all your money without any hassle.

Don’t keep your success waiting.

All About the CourseFunnels OTOs

CouseFunnels  Pro – $67

The powerful CourseFunnels Pro upgrade adds unlimited courses and other amazing features to CourseFunnels.

CourseFunnels Agency – $127

Sell CourseFunnel yourself and keep all the profits.

CourseFunnels Template Membership – $47

Readymade templates for amazing course sales pages.

AdPlify Pro – $127

Powerful ad platform to help you get more leads and buyers for your courses.

Whitelabel rights to 11 courses – $47

11 amazing courses that you can sell right away from your CourseFunnels.

CourseFunnels Review: Conclusion

CourseFunnels is the breakthrough online platform that enables anyone to create and sell courses online easily.

It brings students a high-class experience in learning while giving creators a powerful sales platform.

Get it now and they will give you access to two of their  bestselling courses for you to sell. Yes, you can legally sell them by yourself and keep all the profits.

Plus, they will also give you detailed course marketing training and show you how to get an infinite number of courses for free! You can create your own amazing courses on any topic without going crazy with work.

Act fast and you will also get a commercial and agency license which authorizes you to use CourseFunnels for your clients. Create amazing courses and sell them as PLR to your clients, or create courses and training for them. You can do it all!

You know the world is hungry for online learning right now. The Pandemic has made classic education systems virtually unusable. People have to study online no matter what they are trying to learn.

Just do one search on Fiverr or Freelancer, and you will find tons of course creation jobs. If you want to create an online agency, then this is your chance to capitalize on this hot trend.

Don’t wait any longer. The offer does not get any better than this. Get your CourseFunnels right now.

You’re protected with their  100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like the amazing difference that CourseFunnels makes to your monthly profit, just tell us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund all your money without any hassle.

Don’t keep your success waiting.

Get the most powerful Courses platform that exists. Click on the button below and get instant access to your CourseFunnels!

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