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eCoverly Review & Bonus

Hey Guys, Kaushik here and THANK YOU for Stopping by to check out my eCoverly Review!

In today’s competitive digital world, it’s not just about the quality of your content; it’s also about how you present it. That’s where eCoverly comes into play – the world’s first-ever Animated eCover Technology. Created by Adeel Chowdhry, a digital product creator with a proven track record, eCoverly is designed to help you create incredible 3D animated eCovers in just 5 minutes. In this eCoverly review, I will delve into what makes this tool a game-changer for digital product marketers.

What Is eCoverly Software?

eCoverly Review

eCoverly introduces groundbreaking Animated eCover Technology!

With eCoverly, you can craft stunning 3D Animated eCovers in just 5 minutes!

Design eye-catching eCovers to supercharge the sales of all your digital products, whether they be eBooks, Manuals, Software, Cheatsheets, Checklists, Reports, Courses, Memberships, Templates, Printables, or Coaching Programs!

Who Is Adeel Chowdhry?

eCoverly Software By Adeel Chowdhry

Before diving into eCoverly, it’s essential to understand who’s behind this innovative product. Adeel Chowdhry is a renowned figure in the digital product creation space. He’s not only a best-selling author but also an internet marketing expert with a successful consultancy and coaching business. You might recognize his name as the creator of Sqribble, a highly popular digital content creation tool. Adeel’s products are known for offering practical solutions to the challenges faced by internet marketers, and eCoverly is no exception.

How Does eCoverly Work?

eCoverly simplifies the process of creating attention-grabbing eCovers for all your digital products, including eBooks, manuals, software, cheatsheets, checklists, reports, courses, memberships, templates, printables, and coaching programs. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Select a Template

Choose from a vast selection of extraordinary 3D animated templates (or 2D templates) tailored to various niches. Then, select an ecover model that aligns with the type of product you’re selling. With eCoverly, you have the creative freedom to match your product’s unique identity.

Step 2: Customize It

Personalize your eCover with ease. Add images from the extensive royalty-free library, tweak fonts, edit text, and much more. Additionally, you can upload your own .gif animation to truly make your eCover one-of-a-kind.

Step 3: Publish It

With eCoverly, there’s no waiting around. Instantly download your animated ecover, embed it on your website, or share it across your digital platforms. Get ready to witness a significant surge in your sales figures.

Watch eCoverly Software Demo

Key Features of eCoverly

eCoverly is designed to empower digital product creators by providing them with a powerful tool to create stunning 3D animated eCovers in just 5 minutes or less. Whether you’re selling eBooks, manuals, software, cheatsheets, checklists, reports, courses, memberships, templates, printables, or coaching programs, eCoverly has you covered. Let’s explore the key features that set eCoverly apart from the competition:

Diverse eCover Templates and Models

eCoverly provides a wide range of animated eCover 3D templates and 2D templates, allowing you to find the perfect style for your product. Moreover, it offers an array of 3D models, including books, boxes, membership cards, CDs & DVDs, flyers & magazines, big screens, iMacs, laptops, mobiles, and tablets. This variety ensures that your eCover matches your product’s form and function seamlessly.

Drag & Drop Design

Thanks to eCoverly’s innovative “FLOW” technology, designing captivating eCovers is a breeze, even if you have no prior design experience. The drag-and-drop functionality simplifies the process, enabling you to create professional-grade eCovers effortlessly.

Massive Image Library

Access a massive library of clip arts, shapes, and royalty-free images right within eCoverly. Furthermore, you can upload your own images and GIFs, ensuring that your eCover aligns perfectly with your brand’s vision.

Integrated With PixaBay & Icon Finder

eCoverly streamlines your workflow by seamlessly integrating with popular image resources like Pixabay, Shutterstock, and IconFinder. This integration grants you access to an even broader selection of high-quality images to enhance your eCovers.

HD Graphics:

eCoverly delivers stunning HD graphics at 300 dpi resolution, ensuring that your eCovers look sharp, professional, and ready to impress.

Music Player

Boost your productivity and creativity by working while listening to your favorite music, thanks to eCoverly’s built-in music player.

Watermark Engine

Protect your designs with ease using eCoverly’s watermark engine. Safeguard your intellectual property while confidently sharing your eCovers with the world.

Step by Step Tutorials

eCoverly understands that mastering a new tool can be intimidating. That’s why they provide friendly, step-by-step tutorials to help you create stunning eCovers in minutes. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned designer, these tutorials ensure you get the most out of the platform.

Fast Action Bonuses

As if eCoverly weren’t enticing enough, the product comes with some valuable bonuses:

  1. 15 Additional Premium Templates: Receive an extra pack of 5 animated and 10 static exclusive ecover templates, unavailable elsewhere.
  2. Commercial License: Unlock a free commercial license, allowing you to create and sell 3D animated and 2D eCovers to clients, opening up new revenue streams.
  3. Agency Website: Get a ready-made agency website to attract new clients, complete with a pre-filled portfolio to showcase your eCovers design services.
  4. Client Portal App: Share your designs with clients and gather feedback directly within your dashboard, all while keeping eCoverly as your secret weapon.

Why eCoverly?

eCoverly is a game-changing tool for digital product marketers because it takes the presentation of your digital products to the next level. In a world where first impressions matter, eCoverly ensures your products not only look professional but also grab your audience’s attention. With an intuitive interface and a rich set of features, even beginners can create stunning eCovers in minutes.

Furthermore, the bonuses that come with eCoverly, such as the commercial license and agency website, open up new opportunities for entrepreneurs and freelancers to monetize their design skills. So, if you’re looking to boost sales, enhance your product’s appeal, and make a lasting impression in the digital marketplace, eCoverly is the tool you need. Don’t miss out on this revolutionary eCover technology – it’s time to transform your digital products and watch your business flourish.

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