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Webinar Jam Review (Best Webinar Software Platform For 2020)

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Webinar Jam Review
WebinarJam Review

Webinar Jam Review.

There are a whole host of options for online marketing in this modern day and age, and it can often be overwhelming when finding the right choice for your business. However, using a quality and reliable software such as WebinarJam can bring in some amazing results.

But is this service worth splashing out on? In this article, we are going to take a deep dive into the world of WebinarJam and find out whether it lives up to the hype

What Is Webinar Jam?

In simple terms, WebinarJam is a service which allows businesses to market themselves through the use of live streams and broadcasts, primarily known as webinars. Using webinars is a great way to really engage an audience and is becoming more and more popular in the business world. It gives something of a more personal touch and the WebinarJam software makes this and easy and accessible tool for even the least tech savvy business owner.

If you are looking to reach an audience of thousands, then WebinarJam makes this possible, all without leaving your computer. Webinar is one of the best tools for the business that wants to sell its product with effective results. The software allows you to create anything from a tutorial to a presentation, giving you the option to appeal to every member of your audience.

WebinarJam Review: Features

What sets WebinarJam aside from other, similar services is that it has an amazing range of features that make creating a webinar easier than it has ever been. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from the software.

Take you presentation to up to 5000 people at any one time.WebinarJam enables you to choose whether you would like to make a solo webinar or link up with up to 5 other presenters (6 in total) which gives you the ability to deliver the views and expertise of a variety of people in one session.Deliver your content in beautiful HD quality.No matter what device you or your audience is using – laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop computer, the WebinarJam software is designed to work across the board – excluding no one from your broadcasts.If you want to reach out to your audience in real time, the live chat feature gives you the chance to do this.Run a Q and A session or simply chat privately to one member, the options are truly versatile.If you don’t want to go live just in the moment, WebinarJam allows you to record your broadcasts and replay them at predetermined points in the future. Not only this but you can schedule live events for the future too!Going live doesn’t need a wealth of technological knowledge. WebinarJam gives you a dedicated room where you can set up and broadcast at lightening speed.Your business thrives from its audience so including them is essential. WebinarJam gives you the opportunity to bring audience members into the broadcast, letting them have their say too. There is even the option to create surveys and polls.Upload and share files with your audience in a few simple clicks.Record a video once and share it repeatedly to different audiences.Build a beautifully presented, professional page with the page editor.If you want to keep in constant touch with your audience, the built in email and text service makes this a cinch.Include live offers in any of your webinars, building profit as well as brand awareness.Choose whether to allow your audience in for free, or charge a fee for viewing. You can also password protect any room ensuring that you have control over your audience.See detailed analytics.Hit the panic button to restart the room should you encounter any technical problems.Create engaging presentations with added handwritten notes.

Webinar Jam Review: Why Webinar Jam?

There are plenty of webinar tools available on the market so what makes WebinarJam so special? In short, there are many other options that give you as much freedom as WebinarJam.

The wealth of features allows you to get to know your audience through the polls and surveys as well as seamlessly bringing them into your live broadcasts. What’s more, is that WebinarJam makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with your audience, giving your brand a more human feel.

With simple one click features, both you and your audience can make use of the software without the need for an IT degree. There are some very complicated options for webinar casting but this one makes is accessible for everyone.

We all have busy lives and sitting in front of the computer isn’t always an option but WebinarJam allows its users the freedom to access their accounts from any device, anywhere in the world. There is no need to put your life on hold, WebinarJam will blend in with it perfectly.

Webinar Jam Pricing: How Much Does WebinarJam Cost?

Nothing in life comes for free and WebinarJam offers a range of subscriptions to suit your needs. Basic

The basic package comes in at $499 a month and gives users unlimited webinars that can feature 2 presenters. Webinars can have an audience of 500 and last for up to 2 hours.Professional

If you opt to move up to the professional package, you can expect to pay $699 per year and this will enable you to have an audience of 2000, alongside 4 presenters for webinars lasting up to 3 hours. Users at this level also have access to the Always on live rooms and the panic button.Enterprise

Finally, for a cool $999 a year, you can have everything from the previous two packages as well as the control centre and options for 6 presenters and an audience of 500, who can watch a webinar that lasts up to 4 hours.

Webinar Jam Review: Pros And Cons

So far, WebinarJam is giving us nothing but hope when it comes to broadcasting to your audience, but let’s take a look at the pro’s and cons.Pros

Create a personal bond with your audienceEasy to use softwareProfessional looking pages, emails and presentations that are simple to createSave time with the handy scheduling featuresMake a profit with in-presentation sales and the option to charge for viewing.WebinarJam is super easy to access from any deviceTraining videos help you make the most of the software.Excellent customer support and continual improvements to the softwareBetter pricing than most other services of this typeCons

There have been reports of a short delay on live broadcasts

My Verdict

In a nutshell, WebinarJam is an effective marketing tool that delivers great bang for your buck. It’s ease of use and great selection of features mean that no matter how or why you want to create a webinar, it couldn’t be more simple.

With so many options for this type of service, it’s easy to blend into the background, but with WebinarJam’s ever evolving technology and developments, it looks certain than this is a player that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Do I think it’s worth it? Absolutely!

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