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Managing money and maintaining good credit is necessary for enjoying the best that life has to offer. Your credit score holds a lot of weight, and can determine what type of job you can get, what neighborhood you can afford and what type of car you can buy. Many Americans struggle with credit and are searching for ways to increase their credit scores. The Smart Money Secret book was written with these people in mind. This book includes information on how to increase scores, erase bad accounts and stop creditor harassment.

Smart Money Secret Review

The Smart Money Secret Review

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What is Smart Money Secret All About?

Smart Money Secret

There’s a formula that determines how credit bureaus score individual borrowers. While most people think that if you simply pay your bills on time you will have good credit, it doesn’t always work that way. In fact, there are ways to boost your score with just a few easy actions. Most people are not aware of these actions, so they may inadvertently do things to hurt their credit scores. The Smart Money Secret teaches you how the scoring rubric works so that you can use it to your favor.

Smart Money Secret is about…well, being smart. It gives you insider tips on how to write letters to creditors to remove incorrect information from your credit report. It tells you how to pay your bills to make sure they reach your account at the right time to boost your score. Do you know which day the creditors send their monthly data to the credit bureaus? If you do, you can make sure to send in your payment at the exact right time to boost your credit score instantly. Most people can see results in as little as a few weeks, making Smart Money Secret one of the best resources for people want better credit quickly.

Who are Behind the Smart Money Secret?

Scott and Alison Hilton were your average American couple who went through the familiar struggles of low credit scores, late payments and annoying creditor calls. They suffered through this for years before figuring out how to make the system work for them. Using a few secrets they learned, they were able to increase their credit scores from around 500 to near 822. They recruited a friend, Jay Hannon, to help them to write Smart Money Secret. Hannon had worked in the credit industry for years and knew the best ways to increase credit scores in just a few days. Together the three of them developed a fool-proof system that was designed to help consumers get their financial lives on track and raise their credit scores.

What Does the Smart Money Secret Teach?

The Smart Money Secret teaches you how to increase your credit score using a number of tactics. Some of these tactics can be used alone while others are used in combination.

1. The Basics

In order to make the Smart Money Secret work, you have to know how the credit scoring system works. The first chapter is essentially an introduction into credit scoring and a refresher for those that are already familiar with credit scoring. You’ll learn how to read and analyze your credit report, how to understand FICO scoring and how to remove inquiries from your report. This chapter also includes templates of letters that you can use to remove inquiries from your reports and instantly raise your score.

2. Removing Inaccurate Information

Did you know that most credit reports contain inaccurate information? Some accounts that have been paid show up as unpaid. Accounts that were paid in full are listed as settled for less than the full balance. These errors can drop your score, so it’s vital that you remove them from your reports quickly. This chapter teaches you how to spot inaccuracies and how to ask to have them removed. There is certain language that you need to use in order to remove the information, so this chapter is highly useful for people who need to raise their score quickly.

3. Advanced Tactics

Most people think that you can’t remove “big, bad” credit items like foreclosures, bankruptcies and liens. This chapter is for the person who has already mastered the basics and is ready to really see some credit scoring magic. These heavy items can drop your score drastically, so learning how to get rid of these is one of the most important sections in the book.

4. Lawsuits

In some extreme cases, consumers can sue their creditors for damages related to debt collection. This can help to increase your score by eliminating debts that you are no longer responsible for. Lawsuits are extreme cases and aren’t recommended for most consumers.

5. ChexSystems Removals

If you have ever had problems with a bank, you might have a listing with ChexSystems. This company keeps a listing of people who owe money to banks or have outstanding NSF (insufficient funds) transactions. The book outlines how to remove these from your records.

6. Statute of Limitations Charts

Did you know that there is a certain amount of time after which you are no longer obligated to pay a debt? Many consumers don’t know this and will accidentally re-open accounts that are no longer counted against them. This can drop their scores instantly, undoing all of their hard work. These charts will help you to avoid these issues.

7. Frequently Asked Questions

Inevitably, you will have questions about how to make this system work for you. The frequently asked questions section addresses some of the most common questions that may come up in the course of using the program. If there are more specific questions that are not addressed, or that are unique to your own credit situation, the Smart Money member site offers real-time experts who can guide you. Another great resource for questions is the Smart Money System Facebook group.

What are the Smart Money Secret 11 Words?

This is a tightly guarded secret available only to people who buy the book. The 11 words are basically the wording that you will use when you write to creditors to remove inaccurate information, dispute account discrepancies and remove negative marks from your credit reports.

Is Smart Money Secret a Scam?

There are some scams on the market that instruct consumers to do illegal things in order to improve your credit. These include changing your social security number, opening and closing accounts, disputing accurate information. Not only are these tricks illegal, they can hurt your score. The Smart Money Secret uses legal tactics that are know in the industry and won’t run you afoul of the law. They are based in the United States and offer you the same information for which legal firms charge thousands of dollars.

The Smart Money Secret isn’t a magic pill. It is not a service, so you will definitely have to do the work yourself. The creators of the system claim you can receive $1,500 in credit almost instantly, which cause some people to view it with skepticism. The creators back up this claim and show you exactly how to legally get access to credit in a hurry.

The Smart Money Secret Facebook Group

One of the best parts of the Smart Money Secret is the private Facebook group. With more than 25,500 members, the Facebook group is filled with regular people who have used the system to break free of bad credit. New members can share their stories, have their questions answered and get the positive reinforcement and support they need to keep working toward their goals. The Facebook group is highly inspirational, and is one of the biggest benefits of The Smart Money Secret system.

How Does Smart Money Secret Work?

The Smart Money Secret works by teaching you the system that the credit bureaus use to generate credit scores. Because most people don’t know these systems, they simply pay bills with on guidance on how this will affect their score. In some cases, they pay debts that they should not, making their credit scores drop and the creditor calls increase. By following the tips in the Smart Money Secret, consumers will learn the exact steps to take to improve credit and avoid the mistakes that can often cause more harm than good.

The Smart Money System comes in both an online course and a hardcover book, making it easy to follow in either format. There is also a webinar that explains how the whole system works and helps with frequently asked questions. In addition, you also get 30-day access to the Smart Money System website which gives you insider access to tips and tricks exclusive to members.

What is the Price of the Course?

Smart Money Secret is price at a one-time fee of $49. After that initial purchase, there is a $19.97 a month fee that will give you access to the Smart Money Club.

The $19.97 charge automatically renews every month until you cancel it, so that makes it simple. You will have 30 days of access and 30 days to cancel, so if you decide the program is not for you, you can easily stop the subscription and still enjoy the book, which is yours to keep.

Pros and Cons of the Smart Money Secret System


The system is fairly easy for beginners to use. It comes with pre-made templates so all you have to do is fill in your personal information and send them off. Simple.

The plan actually works. There are many systems out there that promise results and don’t deliver.

The Smart Money Secret can raise your score up to 170 points in just one month. This is excellent for people who need to raise their scores in a hurry in order to rent an apartment, buy a home or lease a car.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee, making it a safe investment


The Smart Money Club is an add-on feature which requires a monthly subscription. Even though it helps to have the additional ongoing coaching, the extra fee can be a challenge for some users.

Smart Money Secret Review: My Verdict!

I definitely recommend the Smart Money System for anyone who wants to raise their scores in a hurry and enjoy the benefits of good credit. What sets this system apart is how thorough it is and how it delivers the lessons in a sequential format that is easy to work in steps. What I really love is that the Smart Money System isn’t packed with generic credit repair tips that you can find just about anywhere on the Web. These are real, actionable tips that tap into the credit bureaus’ systems and deliver those tips to members.

Another great feature is the Smart Money System website and Facebook page. With communities full of other real people who have used the system, it is easy to get inspiration and answers to all of your questions. Expert tips and opinions are worth their weight and gold and if you get stuck, answers are just a few clicks away.

We love the Smart Money System because it saves you months and years of research and costly mistakes. While there are legal companies that offer this same service, the Smart Money System is far less expensive and easier to access.

Many people have no idea how to fix their credit issues. They struggle year after year, trying to fix things on their own and finding themselves no better off than when they started. The Smart Money System delivers insider tips that only a few people outside of the debt collection and credit industry know about. With this insider knowledge, you can tackle your credit issues and start immediately reaping the benefits of good credit.

Fixing your own credit and trying to figure out the ins and outs of the credit system can be overwhelming and frustrating. By using the Smart Money System, you an eliminate these hassles and get back to your life without having to spend hours a day researching and trying new tactics on your own. CLICK HERE to sign up for the Smart Money System today.

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