Speechelo Review: Instant Text To Speech Software

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Speechelo is an A.I. powered software that translates text into speech. After creating videos, you need a voiceover that will accompany them. The software solves the stress of hiring someone to convert the text into speech so that many people can understand what your video is all about. It can be applied to create voiceovers that accompany sales videos, training videos, and educational videos. Users can choose from different voices. You can get a male, female, or even a boy voice to accompany your videos. The voiceover tool has been developed to make things easy for marketers. It is a useful tool you can apply to make a voiceover that accompanies professional videos.

What is Speechelo all about?

Speechelo review

The software is all about transforming text into speech. It works in three steps. You will copy the text and paste to the interface, choose your voice, and it will automatically generate a voiceover for you to download. The voiceover generated is human-sounding. You are free to choose from a wide range of voices. If you would like your video to sound as if it was a baby talk, you can do so by applying the software. It is an easy to use software that works in making people generate voice out of text easily. It works in an easy to use design. You can count on it to assure you the best results as you try to transform your text into a voice.

How does it work?

First, you will buy Speechelo. After opening, you will have an interface where you will copy and paste the text. Choose your preferred voice. There are more than 23 languages to choose from. After you have selected the language, you can choose the voiceover to sound like a baby, a male, or an adult female. The A.I. powered software will ten generate the voice automatically. It is software that makes things easy for you as you look forward to converting text into speech.

Speechelo Features

The software comes with several features. You will have several features at your disposal that make it easy for you to create the voice over for your videos. Here are some of the amazing features you can utilize after buying the software:

50+ Voices

There are more than 50 natural voices. You can choose from the different voices to get the perfect fit for your given video. The software makes things look natural. It will generate a voice that will make listeners feel engaged. When creating a sales video, you need a voice that will explain to people to know what is happening. The tool makes it easy for people to learn and stay engaged in the videos.

Online Text Editor

When writing the speech, you will have to include the necessary punctuations so that the speech can sound natural. The software has inbuilt tools that will check the text automatically and add any necessary punctuation marks so that the speech can sound natural. You can always count on the software to generate a natural speech that will make your listeners stay engaged. It has been developed to make things appear natural to the listeners. It serves as a speech corrector and a voiceover tool.

Breathing & Pauses

In a natural speech set up, there are moments when the speaker will pause and breathe. The text to speech conversion tool will add the breathing sounds natural. You can also indicate where the sounds will be made and the length of pauses to engage the listeners. The software is developed in such a way it makes it easy for listeners to stay engaged. The sounds are added naturally, making it easy for listeners to enjoy the best experience as they follow along with the videos. Creating online videos has been simplified after the introduction of the features.

23 Languages

The software supports up to 23 languages. You can apply it to create videos in different languages. There are some cases where you would like to spread the word about your products in different languages. The software comes in handy because it simplifies things for you. You can utile it to create an attractive text that will make you enjoy it to the fullest. People looking forward to growing their businesses rely on it. It supports all major languages, making it a great tool you can apply to grow your business online. It is carefully developed to make people realize the best results when creating a voice over their videos.

Why Speechelo?

Many marketers prefer their sales videos to have an attractive voice that can engage the listeners. The software makes it easy to have a beautiful and engaging voice when working on different features. Here are some of the reasons why the software stands out:

Helps in generating converting videos

After creating sales videos, it is necessary to ensure the content is engaging. The software creates an attractive voiceover that can lead to a high rate of conversion. It makes the listeners enjoy the best experience. For instance, you will attract more traffic, and sales of the voiceover are clear and engaging. The software leads to engaging software that makes it easy for listeners to enjoy the best experience.

Human sounding voiceover

All the features that are associated with human speech are incorporated. It will create breathing sounds and pause at different stages to create a really impressive person is reading the speech. It is essential to get software that can generate human-like sounds. The software has been developed to ensure it effectively delivers the right speech that will make more people stay engaged.


The cost of applying the text is cheaper when compared to the cost of hiring someone to create the voice. The software comes in a one-time fee, and you will apply it for a long to create attractive voiceovers that can lead to a high conversion rate. The software application is cost-effective compared to hiring professionals for the job who will charge a lot of money.

Generates speech in different tones

The software works so you can choose to have a serious tone, joyful or normal tone. It is easy to get the right results after taking into account the different videos. Some videos will require a lot of attention. The ability to change the tone makes it easy to create the right impact on the audience. The software developers took into account different factors to ensure they came up with the right software that makes it easy for them to realize the best results when communicating with potential clients.

Works with any video creations software

The software is developed to work with major video creation software such as adobe premiere, Audacity, and IMovie. Things will be easy on your side if you prefer a given video creation software, and you would like to come up with an attractive voice over. The software is designed to make things easy for you as you look forward to achieving the best results as you try to come up with the best voice over.

What Does It Cost?

Speechelo is available at $47. It is a one-time fee you can pay and start enjoying the several features available in the program. If you are involved in video creation, it will be easy to achieve the best results in your speech creation. You can create any video then choose the right speech that can accompany it. The software allows the creation of voiceover in different speech tones to drive the right message to the audience. It is an easy to use software that simplifies things for video creators looking for the best Voiceovers.

Speechelo Review: Any Upsells?

  1. Front end – $47 One Time
  2. PRO Upgrade$47/quarterly
  3. Tube Add-on$37 One Time

You can get the software from its official website and help you create attractive videos and speech. The software employs A.I. technology that makes it easy to generate videos that appear real because of the background voice.

Does Speechelo work?

Yes, the software works. It has been developed by experts who have taken several factors into account to ensure it works. You can apply it to create attractive speech. The different aspects of a natural speech such as pauses, breathing sounds, and the pronunciation of words have been carefully incorporated to make it easy for people to get the best results when creating speech.


  • Can transform any text into speech
  • Works for male and female voices
  • 30 human-sounding voices
  • Can read the text in different tones
  • Cost-effective program
  • Works with all major video creation software


  • Not all languages in the world are supported

Speechelo Review: My Verdict

Speechelo is a reliable text to speech conversion software. It incorporates several features that make it easy to convert any text into a human-sounding speech. The availability of several features makes it easy to create a natural-sounding speech that can accompany videos and attract sales. When compared to other ways of creating voiceovers, it is a cost-effective alternative. You can try it, and it will play a great role in making you attract more sales in the process.

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