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JVZoo Member Review

Hey It’s Kaushik, Thanks for stopping by to check out my JVZoo Member Review

If you don’t know who I am, it’s important to know one thing about me: I NEVER Review a product unless I get it, go through it, and make sure it’s worth YOUR time and money.

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What Is JVZoo Member all about?

jvzoo member members area

JVZoo Member Members Area

JVZoo Member was released on August 29, 2018. The product is targeted at anybody trying to build a membership site with greater ease and efficiency. In addition to making the process of building a membership site automated, JVZoo Member also automates the selling process. Here s a bigger JVZoo Member Review.

For starters, JVZoo is particularly suited to anyone who needs to build a site through which they can sell courses, ebooks, software and many other digital products. One of the most notable features about JVZoo is that the process of setting up a site and starting to sell is easy and fast. There is nothing much to learn before you can starting using the platform, and you could be selling your products in as few as 15 minutes.

Granted, there are plenty of membership site builders out there. But JVZoo Mwmber is a little different. For instance, JVZoo Member is a product created by JVZoo, which is one of the leading affiliate marketing platforms for digital products in the world at the moment.

So, in addition to being one of the latest and the most popular platforms of this sort, JVZoo is created by people who know plenty about making online entrepreneurship a success. For this reason, users of this product can expect to have an easier time making money online. Not a lot of membership site builders will go beyond helping you create a site make your products or services sell, but JVZoo does.

Just How Easy to Use is JVZoo Member?

  • You can include as many products as you want on your site when setting up your site
  • The platform creates in links, menus, and other related features automatically on your behalf, which makes navigation through your site easier once it has been set up
  • The service allows you to upload audio and video files from any source so that your site will be more engaging once it is up and running. This feature should come in handy when you are setting up a membership site that will require you to post training videos and other content.

Steps to Building a Site through JVZoo Member

  • The first step involves selecting and editing your sales pages as well as the members area. A number of professional templates are provided so that you can choose the option that works best for you.
  • The second step involves uploading your own videos and any other kind of content you want to be part of your membership site. You can upload these files using any video sharing platform, including YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, and so forth.
  • Finally, you should set up a payment processing option and you are done.

Benefits – Why Use JVZoo’s Services?

  • JVZoo is a drag-and-drop page builder. In other words, it is very easy to use. Therefore, setting up a page can take a few minutes.
  • Additionally, selling products is very easy as well, which gives you time to focus on making your business more successful. For instance, by trying to bring in more customers.
  • The platform is all-inclusive, as it bundles site creation and the selling process in one package.
  • Many customization options are available to you as you use JVZoo. For example, you can set up membership rewards like points, badges and so forth to act as motivation for your customers.
  • The pagebuilder will make the process of selling to existing clients faster since any new products you add will be displayed to your clients automatically in the members’ area.
  • The page builder comes with many additional features such as a lead capture functionality you can use to build lists.
  • No need to buy hosting services when using JVZoo Member as they will host everything from pages, videos, and even downloads. This also means you will not have any unexpected costs to pay once you start using this service, which is a huge plus.


Selling products online comes down to building a site with ease, adding your products with ease, and selling them efficiency. Luckily, as you use JVZoo, this is the kind of experience you can expect to get. So, if you need to set up a membership site fast, and starts selling right away, you should try out JVZoo Member – it has all these benefits in store for you.

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BONUS#3: Mobile Marketing Guide (Value $97)

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Here is how you receive JVZoo Member as well as my EPIC bonuses:

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